Faculty, administrators, corporate trainers, or any person responsible for delivering a course on the OLI platform will need an instructor account. Because instructor accounts have access to the assessment solutions, OLI must confirm the identity of anyone making a request for an instructor account.

Request an instructor account

  1. Request an OLI instructor account. This is not where students create accounts. They create their accounts later, while registering for your class.

    A screen capture of the Instructor request form, showing the fields the user must fill out, the Recaptcha tool, and the list of courses available for evaluation.

  2. Fill out the fields to create your account.
    NOTE: Please spell out the full name of your institution, to help OLI aggregate users from the same organization. For example, instead of "UTEP" please enter "University of Texas - El Paso."
  3. Select the course(s) you're interested in evaluating or using with your students.
  4. Enter optional questions or comments.
    NOTE: Instructors can accelerate the vetting process by providing a link to one or more online resources that corroborate your instructor status.

Next steps

While OLI works to confirm your identity as an instructor, please feel free to evaluate the content of our Open & Free courses. They include all the expository and practice content. Only the scored assessments have been omitted, to protect the integrity of their contents.

Watch for a notification email from OLI Support when instructor privileges have been added to your account. Then you'll be able to build your own instance of any course for use with students, or for an evaluation of the assessments.