Instructors may wish to delete a student's quiz attempt to allow the student to start and submit another attempt. One example of use would be if a student accidentally submitted a quiz without all the answers.

Start at the OLI Gradebook.

  1. Scroll down to the student, click the gray triangle next to the student name to expand the details.
  2. Scroll to the right to the desired Module, click the Expand icon under the Module heading at the top that looks like two little gray triangles pointing out to expand the Module.
    The scores of any submitted attempts appear in the lower rows for the student.
  3. Click on the % representing the quiz score on the attempt.
    The quiz results open in a new window. View the answers to any questions.
  4. Click Delete and read the confirmation box, click OK.
    Note: Other options include Accept to accept the score or Reject to never accept the score into the OLI Gradebook.
    Note: Any answers will be gone permanently. The student can submit another attempt as long as the quiz is still available in course schedule.