Instructors view and manage the student roster. Instructors can perform the following roster management activities: 

  • View student roster
  • Suspend students
  • Reinstate students
  • Approve pending students (when Auto-Admit setting is set to No)

Note: When the OLI course is integrated with an LMS (Learning Management system such as Blackboard or Canvas), the roster is managed from the LMS to maintain a shared roster and single-sign-on. See Integrating with an LMS for Single Sign-On.


Access the roster from the Roster... link on the Manage Course page or the Roster button on the OLI Syllabus.

Student Status

  • Enrolled - Enrolled students have access to all available course materials.
  • Pending - If the Auto Admit Students setting is changed to No, student enrollments wait in a pending status for approval by the instructor.
  • Suspended - Suspend any enrolled student to revoke access to all course materials. Re-admit any suspended student by using the reinstate function.
  • Payment Required - The number of students who enrolled but have not yet processed payment, if a payment is applicable, appears on the Manage Course page. The names of the students do not appear on the roster.


To suspend enrolled students, click the checkbox next to the student's name, then click Suspend to remove their access to the course materials and their name from the active roster of Registered Students and appear on the list of Suspended Students.

To reinstate suspended students, click the checkbox next the student's name, then click Re-Admit to restore access and add their name to the Registered Students list.


The Auto Admit Students setting available when building the course and from Edit Course Settings from the Manage Course page is set to Yes by default. Changing the setting to No requires an instructor or TA to approve each student's access to the course. If there are Pending status students, an Unadmitted Students (#) notice appears on the My Courses page and an alert appears at the top of the roster. 

To admit pending students, click the checkbox next to the student's name, then click Admit to fully enroll the student and add their name to the active roster of Registered Students.