If a student misses a deadline but still needs to access an assignment, grant a scheduling extension. This can be done from the Schedule Activity window, accessed from the particular activity window.


  1. Identify the Account ID of the individual student from the Roster or OLI Gradebook.
  2. Navigate to the OLI Syllabus by clicking the link from the Manage Course page or the top of any OLI page.
    Note: The Schedule Activity window for the assignment is available anywhere the activity settings can be accessed including the OLI Syllabus, the link at the top of the column in the OLI Gradebook, or the link to the activity from the page in the course module.
  3. Click on the activity's link to open the view activity window.
  4. Click “Update” in the “Schedule” section.
  5. Click “Individual student exceptions…”.
  6. Enter the Account ID of the student and click Continue.
  7. Click Change Scheduled Dates, modify the date ranges as needed, and click Update.
    Note: Optionally, click Change Schedule Type to release and close the activity for this individual as needed.
  8. Verify the changed dates by viewing Current Status.
    Once granted, a link to this exception appears at the bottom of the “Schedule Activity” window and on the “Schedule Course” page. Click either of these links to modify the exception or to release/close the activity for the student.