Change assessment settings globally either while building the course or by accessing "Change assessment options" from the “Manage Course” page. Change settings for individual assessments by viewing the individual assessment, then overriding the global course settings. 

Assessment refers to a high-stakes, graded activity often a quiz or checkpoint that appears at the end of each module. Instructors and students access individual assessments from one of three locations: OLI Syllabus, Gradebook (My Scores for students), or from typically the last page in the module linking to the assessment.

Change Settings for All Assessments

Global changes apply to all of the assessments in the course, even those that have been completed.

  1. Navigate to the Manage Course page.
  2. Choose "Change assessment options" from the left menu.
  3. Change Assessment Options as desired.
  4. Click Update at the bottom to save the settings.

Change Settings for One Assessment

  1. Click the link to the assessment from either the OLI Syllabus or the page in the course (usually the last page in the Module) to navigate to the assignment window.
  2. Click "Update setting for this assignment" to navigate to the Assessment Options for the individual assessment.
  3. Alternatively, navigate to the Assessment options by clicking the assessment from the top of the column in the Gradebook, then clicking "Change settings ...".
  4. Click Override at the top of the 2nd column to change this assessment's settings from the global Course settings.
  5. Change Assessment Options as desired.
  6. Click Update at the bottom to save the settings.

Assessment Options

Set details of the graded assessment options. During the initial course build, the assessment options affect all assessments in the course. Once the course is built, settings can be modified globally or for individual assessments.

Some courses offer multiple attempts for the assessments. Set the number of attempts for students from 1 to Recommended to Maximum. The Recommended and Maximum options are set by the course authors and can be viewed in the course from within the individual assessment settings after the course is built.
Scoring Model
Determine how the system handles scoring of multiple attempts. Overall score can be set to highest, lowest, average, first, or last score of multiple attempts.
Set a password for exams to be started. Instructors provide the password to students or a test proctor or a TA. Optional.
Late Submit
By default, assignments may be submitted past any date or time deadline but will not be accepted into the Gradebook unless the instructor approves the late submit. The "auto-submit" option submits an unfinished student attempt at the latest permissible moment, which is dependent on whether there is a time limit and a grace period. 
Late Start
By default, assignments may not be started past the date deadline.
Grace Period
The amount of time (in minutes) after the deadline in which work can be submitted as on time. Late Submit settings will not apply to any assessment submitted during the grace period. The grace period is not displayed to students. Optional.
Time Limit

Sets a time limit for exams. This time is specified in minutes. Optional. If the due date will arrive sooner than the expiration of the time limit, the due date is given priority. For example, if an assessment with a 60-minute time limit is due at 6:00 pm and the student begins at 5:30 pm, the student must submit (or it will auto-submit) after just 30 minutes at 6:00 pm, NOT at the end of the time limit.

Note: A timed test starts when the student clicks the Start button to start the assessment. If using a password, the password unlocks an attempt but does not start the attempt so as to not reduce the time available to enter answers.

Feedback Mode
Determine what feedback the system will give each student and when that feedback will be displayed. Do not use "Immediate (before submit!)" as assessments cannot be submitted.
  • After submit: students receive feedback immediately after their submissions. Use this option with caution if you plan to offer students multiple attempts, because they will receive their feedback before their next attempt.
  • After deadline passes: Students receive feedback to all attempts after the deadline on an assessment passes. If there is no schedule on the assessment, feedback will be released after each attempt.
  • Released by instructor: feedback is withheld until the instructor returns to the assessment Terms page, visits the “Update setting for this assignment” and overrides the feedback mode with another selection.
  • Never: feedback is never released to the students on this assessment. They will still receive their scores and they'll know which questions were correct or incorrect.
Review Answers
Set whether or not a student can review their answers before the due date and receiving feedback. If set to "not allowed," the student cannot review her answers before the due date. Answers are revealed after the due date regardless of the Review Answers selection.