When a student submits an assessment, the resulting document is called an “attempt.” Instructors can manage each of the attempts including overriding the total score or the score for any individual question. The new and original scores along are viewable along with any associated comments and the Account ID of the instructor or TA who overrode the score. The original score may be reset.

Start at the OLI Gradebook.

  1. Scroll down to the student, click the gray triangle next to the student name to expand the details.
  2. Scroll to the right to the desired Module, click the Expand icon under the Module heading at the top that looks like two little gray triangles pointing out to expand the Module.
    The scores of any submitted attempts appear in the lower rows for the student.
  3. Click on the % representing the quiz score on the attempt.
    The quiz results open in a new window. View the answers to any questions.
  4. Click Override to enter a new total points score for the overall quiz attempt score or new points for an individual question.
    Note: Once overridden, revert to the original score by clicking Reset.