Undo / redo

  1. While you're on the organization editor Content tab, any action you take is subject to control with the undo and redo buttons found at the top right. Navigating away from the Organizations page relinquishes control of undo / redo, and the changes will be committed. You can still use undo / redo after you've visited other tabs on the Organization page, however.

Moving units, modules, pages, and assessments

Moving elements in the organization is a simple drag-and-drop operation.

  1. Grab the handle on the unit, module, page, or assessment you'd like to move. Hold the button on your mouse, trackpad, etc.
  2. Drag the element to the desired location. Note the bar that appears where it will be dropped.
  3. Release the element and drop it in the desired location.

Rename an element in the organization

  1. Hover on an element to reveal the available actions.
  2. Click Rename, make the desired adjustments in the edit field, and click Done.

Hide or reveal parts of the organization

  1. At the top of the organization click Expand All or Collapse All to make the corresponding operation.
  2. To expand or collapse just one sequence, unit, or module, click the arrow to its left.