Pages, as the name suggests, are the discrete pages you create for your OLI course. Even though each page doesn't have to be included in your published course (remember, you can create separate organizations with different resources), every page is listed in once place, the All Workbook Pages List, which you can reach by clicking Pages in the menu bar.

Click on any page title to visit the page and edit or preview the page.

Pages can include all kinds of content: text, media, interactive activities, links to external resources, etc. You can build these pages using the tools in OLI, or by connecting external resources to your OLI course. We'll explore your options in specific articles.

On the All Workbook Pages List, you can:

  • Create a new page by entering the title in the New Title field and clicking Create
  • Search and filter pages by title or Unique ID (a value that's system generated)

  • Sort by title, unique ID, creation date, or last updated date