All students registering in an OLI course must fill out the Open Learning Initiative's Online Consent Form one time only, during registration in their first course. The language is as follows:

Carnegie Mellon University
Open Learning Initiative
Online Consent Form

I agree to participate in the on-line course research conducted by Norman Bier and his colleagues under the supervision of Norman Bier. I understand that the proposed research has been reviewed by the University's Institutional Review Board. I understand that my participation is completely voluntary, and I will not receive course credit or any other compensation from Carnegie Mellon for my participation in this research. I understand that I have the right to terminate my participation at any time I wish without penalty by selecting "opt out from research" on "my OLI home" page.

Purpose of the Study: I know that the researchers are studying how students learn in an online educational environment and that the study is directed at improving the course material, not judging my behaviors. As a result of this research, the researchers will produce design recommendations to improve future versions of the courses. I understand that my interactions with the on-line course will be logged in a data file and that these logs and the scores that I receive on exams will be used as data for this study. The only difference between agreeing to participate in the study and not agreeing to participate in the study is that if I agree to participate, my log file will be retained as data for this study, if I do not agree, my log file will not be retained.

Privacy: I understand that the following procedure will be used to maintain my anonymity in analysis and publication / presentation of any results. Each participant will be assigned an ID; names will not be logged with the study data. The researchers will save the data using this participant ID. Only registered OLI researchers will have access to the logged data for analysis purposes. The servers containing the log files are in locked secure room. No other researchers will have access to these files.

I understand the nature of this Study. I am at least 18 years of age and agree to participate. I can view of copy of this consent form at any time by selecting the "Research Consent Form" link on the "my OLI home" page. I give Mr. Bier and his colleagues permission to present this work in written and/or oral form for teaching or presentations to advance the knowledge of science and/or academia, without further permission from me provided that my image or identity is not disclosed.

 I Agree   I Disagree  (students choose to agree or disagree and then submit their selections)