Ensure your Blackboard admin has added OLI as an External Tool Provider

By now, your Blackboard admin should have completed the steps in this article, and added OLI as an External Tool Provider to your Blackboard system.

Add OLI Link to Blackboard Section (Instructors)

Once the Tool Provider Domain is configured, instructors can link from their Blackboard course to their OLI course. To set up a link:

  1. In edit mode, select Web Link under Build Content. NOTE: Your Blackboard installation may look different.
  2. Enter a name for the link. This can be anything you like, e.g. "OLI Course: Statistical Reasoning."
  3. For the URL, enter:
    NOTE: If your launch url is different from what's specified in the OLI Integration Details sent to your LMS Administrator, please use the correct launch URL. Examples include or or 
  4. Check the box labeled “This link is to a Tool Provider.”
  5. Under options, change “Open in New Window” to “Yes.”
  6. Press OK to add the link.


Configure the OLI link to a specific OLI course section

  1. Click the link to OLI.
    NOTE: You must click the link as an instructor in the LMS course section.
  2. Enter your unique OLI course key (selected when creating the course in Course Builder), OLI Account ID and Password.
    NOTE: If the course has not been created at, click Yes, let's get started to enter Course Builder now and create the OLI course section.
  3. Click CONTINUE to complete the link to the OLI course section.

When finished, the Blackboard link will point students directly to the instructor’s content without any need to sign-in.