Ensure your Canvas admin has added OLI as an External App (LTI tool)

  1. By now, your Canvas admin should have completed the steps in this article, and received the key and secret.
  2. Follow the instructions in this article to add OLI as an external app.
  3. Enter these values/settings:
    1. Configuration type: manual
    2. Name: Open Learning Initiative (OLI) (name can be changed to suit your preference)
    3. Consumer key: [to be provided]
    4. Shared secret: [to be provided]
    5. Launch URL: (If you're using another of OLI's domains, such as, adjust the domain in this URL accordingly).
    6. Domain:
    7. Privacy: public (this lets the OLI roster and gradebook tools identify the users, and assign appropriate instructor/student roles).

If you need to review OLI's policies and procedures related to FERPA, data security, accessibility, etc., visit the OLI Policies and Procedures webpage.

Add OLI Link to Canvas Section (Instructors)

Once OLI is added as an external tool in Canvas, instructors can link from their Canvas course section to their OLI course section. To set up a link:

  1. In Course Navigation, click the Modules link and then the +Module button in the upper right.
    NOTE: Your Canvas installation may look different.

    NOTE: The link to OLI can be set up in any area of the course that allows adding an External Tool. Adding OLI to a Module is a suggestion. Another common area is under Assignments.

  2. Enter a name for the Module. This can be anything you like, e.g. "OLI".
  3. Click the + icon in the upper right of the new OLI Module.
  4. Choose External Tool from the drop-down menu, choose the Open Learning Initiative or OLI from the listing of tools.
  5. If OLI or Open Learning Initiative does not appear in the list, enter in the URL text box at the bottom of the form
    NOTE: If your launch url is different as specified in the OLI Integration Details sent to your LMS Administrator, please use the correct launch URL. Examples include or or .
  6. Enter a page name that will appear as the clickable link in the module,  e.g. "OLI: Statistics".
  7. Check the box labeled Load in a new tab.
  8. Click Add Item at the bottom of the form.


View and configure the OLI link to a specific OLI course section

  1. View the new link to OLI in the new module.
  2. Click the link to OLI.
    NOTE: You must click the link as an instructor in the LMS course section.
  3. Enter your unique OLI course key (selected when creating the course in Course Builder), OLI Account ID, and Password.
    NOTE: If the course has not been created in at, click Yes, let's get started to enter Course Builder now to create the OLI course section.

When finished, the Canvas link will point students directly to the instructor’s content without any need to sign-in.