The purpose of this article is to describe how to:

  • get started with Torus and Canvas
  • publish a course from Torus to Canvas
  • link a Canvas course section to a published Torus course
  • get help with Torus and Canvas


Get started with Torus

  1. Begin at
  2. Click Create an Account and follow the prompts to create account
    Note: Existing accounts click Sign in.
  3. Click +Project and follow the prompts to create a new course, then click Save.

Publish a Course from Torus to Canvas

When a course is ready for review, the next step is to publish the course from the authoring environment to Canvas for review. The course can be reviewed in Canvas, edited in Torus, and published again until the course is ready to be used by instructors and students. Even after instructors and students start using the course, many aspects of the course may be edited and published to the live course in Canvas.

  1. In Torus, click Publish on the left menu and click the Publish button.

The course is now available to be linked from Canvas.


Get started with Canvas

These steps are for getting started with OLI's Canvas. Steps for accessing another instance of Canvas or other Learning Management System will be different.

LearnLab 2020: A Canvas account will be requested for you with the email you provide.

  1. Locate the email with the subject: Finish Registration: Canvas and follow the prompts in the email to finish setting up your Canvas account by choosing your password and timezone.
  2. Once Canvas launches, click Accept to join any courses as an instructor.
    Note: A new Canvas course is not yet linked to a published Torus course.

LearnLab 2020: A Canvas course shell will be provided on your Canvas Dashboard.

Add a Link to Torus from Canvas

Configuring an access point, called an External Tool, from Canvas to Torus provides Single Sign On access from OLI Canvas to the Torus course. Instructors and students enrolled in the Canvas section do not require or have an account in Torus.

  1. Click the Canvas course title to open the Canvas course page.
  2. Click +Module to add a content container for the link to the Torus course.
  3. Enter the title for the module and click Add Module.
  4. Click the + in the upper right of the resulting Module.
  5. Choose External Tool, the desired external Tool (OLI Torus), enter the desired Page Name, and click the checkbox to Load in a new tab, then click Add Item.
  6. Click the resulting new link and then click to open in a new tab as needed to launch and configure the access point to go to the desired Torus course.
  7. Choose Link an Existing Account to link this Canvas account with your existing Torus account and course and sign in as prompted.
  8. Choose the desired course and click Select and Continue.

    Note: Sign in to the correct Torus account to see all published courses. Courses that are not published do not appear in this list. Subsequent clicks of the access point in Canvas to the course will go straight to the published Torus course. Any instructors or students or teaching assistants enrolled in the Canvas course section will go straight to the course without being prompted for account credentials.

Get Help with Torus and Canvas

  1. Contact your OLI facilitator in your Zoom room during LearnLab 2020.