In the scheduling option, the content is 'always open'. Can I do something about it to make the modules or quizzes/labs available only at and for a specified time?

The default scheduling is that all the items are "always open" though you can schedule them so they are not available.

Unless you have a specific reason, it is often simpler to schedule only the checkpoint quizzes and leave everything else open. Otherwise, it creates extra steps to change the availability dates for the whole course or for exceptions for students that inevitably come up.

Is there a way for me to assign due dates to the assignments needed?

You can add open and close dates to the lessons and/or the lesson tests. I would not add dates to ungraded assignments or content (modules). 

Add dates by going to the "Schedule course materials" option on the left menu from the Manage Course page, click Update, then click each blue link where you want to add dates. You can add an open date only, a close date / deadline only, or both. Times must be added - you can copy 11:59 PM and then paste it for each closing time if you want. Usually opening times are 12:01 AM.

While you can add open and close dates to the lessons themselves, these dates govern the lesson tests within the lesson. It is more work to add dates to the lessons, especially if/when students need exceptions if they fall behind or miss something. So it is easiest to add the dates only to the lesson tests or the lessons and not both. To further dictate when the lessons are accessed and when the lessons are done, you can add dates to both making sure that the test dates are encompassed within the lesson itself meaning if a lesson is open from Monday to Friday if you also add dates to the lesson test they must be before the end of Friday - within the available lesson dates.

Is there a way to delete or hide content that does not need to be done?

In an existing course section, modules may not be deleted. To delete modules, create a new course section and choose the advanced path to delete the module before the course is created. You can always add content back in to an existing course, just not delete once the course has been created.

For lessons that you are not going to assign, you can add an open date that is in the far future - say 1/1/2021 or 1/1/2099. If you want to move the unwanted content to the end of the OLI Syllabus, use the Add Additional Content link on the left menu to move the content down to the bottom.

I was trying to put the schedule for the assignments, but it seems very long and tedious. Is there a way I can putthe same date or any way to make it faster, like just put the deadline not the starting date? 

The fastest way - still long and tedious - is to go to the OLI Syllabus and right click on the available now / no due date link for each quiz and open in a new tab (so you have a tab open for each quiz). Go to each tab, click Enter Schedule Date, enter the date and time for the deadline, click Update, close the tab. Do this for each tab. Then go back to the OLI Syllabus, refresh the page and check your dates. You can even copy and paste the 11:59 PM time so you don't have to type it each time. This assigns a deadline only and not a starting date. To make the assignments not available until a certain date, add a starting date and time as well.

My question is not answered here, what to do?

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