Assessment questions in quizzes or checkpoints can be grouped into a pool. Each student's attempt contains a subset of questions from the pool. Not only are an assessment's questions different from one student to another, but a student's second attempt contains different questions from the first attempt. The variety and number of questions is dependent on the available questions and below selection strategies as defined for the question pool.

Selection Strategy

  • Random - Randomly choose questions from this pool.
  • Random (Allow Duplicates) - Random, but if the Question Count is greater than the # of questions in the pool, allow duplicates to fulfill the Question Count.
  • In Order - In order, but not necessarily to exhaustion. If you have a pool of 10 questions and your question count is 1, it will always deliver only the first question in the pool.

On Question Exhaustion

  • Reuse - if the question count exceeds the pool depth, it will reuse as many questions as necessary to meet the question count.
  • Skip - If the question count exceeds the pool depth, it will ignore the number of questions equivalent to the count's excess. In other words, a count of 10 for a pool of 5 will result in 5 questions being skipped.
  • Fail - The pool will not be used if the question count cannot be met by the pool depth.


  • Resource - Use the entire pool.
  • Section - Use only a section of the pool. This is not controllable via Echo.

Question Count

  • Include all Questions from this Pool - Will result in a quiz of equal questions to the number of questions in the pool.