The module columns in OLI My Scores fill up with blue to indicate progress through the activities. As the student progresses through a module with activities, the box fills with blue.

A fully blue box indicates 100% participation, a fully white box indicates 0% participation. A gray box, such as Module 7 in the image above, indicates there are no activities in the module. An expanded column, such as Module 3 in the image above, shows columns for any activities with viewable scores or submissions in the module.

The Participation Percentage, as represented by the modules filling up with blue in the OLI My Scores, tracks participation in all module activities:

  • My Response activities
  • Learn By Doing and Did I Get This practice questions
  • Checkpoints (Quizzes, Evaluations)
  • Labs, Discussion Forums and any other activities in a course

The Participation Percent tracks whether these activities are participated-in, not the correctness or score. If all the activities have been worked including submitted checkpoints (quizzes), the Participation Percentage is 100%.

View Progress Through The Modules (Students)

These steps should only be taken after going through the pages of the course, reading the content, interacting with the Learn by Doing and Did I Get This activities, clicking through to answer any My Response questions, and submitting the Evaluation (if assigned). 

View the collapsed column in the OLI My Scores. In the example above, the Lesson 1 column shows a small amount of blue indicating a small amount of progress - about 15% of progress through the lesson. When the progress is 100%, the entire box fills with blue.

  1. From the My Courses page, click My Scores.
  2. Under the desired Module, click the Collapse button as needed to see the blue bar.
    Note: Not all modules have activities. A gray collapsed column indicates no activities in that module.

View Details on Progress Through the Modules

See what student “My Response” and scored activities still need to be completed:

  1. From the My Courses page, click My Scores.
  2. Under the desired Module, click the Expand button as needed to see the detail.
  3. See any columns that are blank and click the link at the top of that column, click View Assignment to go to that assignment.
    Activity examples with columns include My Response or Additional Questions that are usually linked from the quiz page in the module. Different courses may have different types of activities: Language courses have discussion forums, statistics courses have labs.
    Note: Not all courses have activities represented by columns. A blank expanded column means there are no activities of this type.

See what student learning (Did I Get This and Learn by Doing or other) activities still need to be completed on the course pages:

  1. Click Enter Course from My Courses and click Syllabus on the upper right to view the OLI Syllabus.
  2. From the Syllabus: Scroll down to the desired module and click the Available Practice link then Show Activities for each Learning Objective.
  3. The gray non-bold activities have been worked in. The bold activities with a blue icon on the left have not been worked in.
  4. 3. Click the page number in the right column of bold (uncompleted) activities to view the activity.
  5. Repeat for each Learning Objective.