To register in the Open Learning Initiative's Logic & Proofs course, follow these instructions. The cost is $80.

Please note: this $80 version of the course includes a certificate of completion if you earn at least a 75% on every Quiz and Lab; if you earn at least a 90% on every Quiz and Lab you'll receive a certificate of completion with distinction. It is intended to be used as a self-paced course by independent students. This course DOES NOT grant college credit.

  1. Note this Course Key: lp-indep
  2. Navigate to this page and enter the Course Key to register.
  3. Follow the prompts to either create a new account or to sign in with your existing account.
  4. Payment is accepted via credit card, debit card, or Visa/MasterCard gift card. You have a 24-hour grace period. If your grace period expires, all your data is preserved and will be available after submitting payment.
  5. When returning, sign in to OLI here.