The purpose of this article is to detail:

  1. How to Add an Objective

  2. How to Add a Sub-objective

Objectives and sub-objectives are a key concept in learning design that map the skills that students should be learning by studying the course material.

Objectives are educational goals that students should be working toward while taking the course. Sometimes they are referred to as Learning Objectives, or abbreviated commonly as “LOs”.

Sub-objectives are also known as skills or knowledge components, or the different pieces of knowledge that are required to achieve a larger objective.

How to Add an Objective


  1. “Create” Tab: Hover over the create icon on the sidebar and select “Objectives”.

  1. If you have learning objectives designed, you can add them by typing or copying-and-pasting them into the entry box and clicking the blue “create” button.

  1. Once at least one objective has been added, the option to add a “sub-objective” appears beneath.

    If you want to add sub-objectives, you can type or copy-and-paste your sub-objective.

  1. You can add more than one sub-objective to each learning objective, but note that sub-objectives cannot be broken down into further sub-objectives.

  1. If you want to reword or delete a learning objective or sub-objective, hover over the objective bar. The options “Reword” and “Remove” will appear on the far right side of the bar.

  1. If you delete an objective, the sub-objective(s) automatically become their own learning objectives. If you do this by accident, you will have to manually re-create the objective, and then manually add the sub-objectives underneath.

Objectives and sub-objectives are then added throughout the course in practice pages and on assessments. You can add LOs and sub-LOs to your project at any time. If you delete a learning objective or sub-objective that is attached to a practice page or an assessment, the LO or sub-LO will also be removed from that page or assessment.