This article goes over the “Publish” feature in Torus, as well as how to publish to different delivery platforms.


When a project is ready to be published into a course, the next step is to publish the project from the authoring environment to the Project Publisher of choice. The “Project Publisher” can be found in the Project’s “Overview tab”. For more information, see “Overview”.

First Time Publishing

When a project is being published for the first time, you will receive a prompt to simply “publish” the project. The project will then be published to the “Project Publisher” of choice. If the project is deployed into an LMS, it has now become a “Course”.

Publishing Updates

A project can be updated and published with the changes. Torus will show you what changes have been made between the last publishing and the current version.

The changes made are categorized into two types: Major and Minor. Torus automatically determines the version number based on the nature of the changes.

major change is detected when the changes made alter the structure of the project, such as additions and deletions. Adding pages, assessments, modules, and other structural elements will prompt a major change. This will automatically update the version number to the left of the decimal.

minor change is detected when changes are made only to text bodies, reworked materials, grammar, or spelling fixes. These changes will not prompt a new major version, but will be amendments to the current version.