This article helps academic students whose teachers have assigned OLI materials. 

If you're an independent student who wants to use OLI's self-paced courses, please use these instructions instead.

If your class uses an OLI course but your teacher did not give you a course key, then you probably access your OLI course from within your school's or your company's Learning Management System, which is a website where you sign in to access all your class materials. If your instructor gave you a COURSE KEY, use these instructions instead.

School LMS access (single sign-on):

If your OLI course has a single sign-on link on your school's class-hosting LMS, just click the link provided by your instructor. OLI automatically assigns you a new account based on your LMS profile, and registers you for the course your instructor is teaching.

  1. Click the OLI single sign-on link your instructor provided.
  2. Confirm your name and email address.
  3. Submit payment if required. Choose the grace period option if available to access the course materials for a time without paying. Payment can be entered at any time during or after the grace period to access the course and work.
  4. Return anytime by using the same link in your class.
    NOTE: Do not create a bookmark, because it may not work if you're not signed in to your school's LMS. Single sign-on requires you to be signed in to your school's LMS for it to work.


If your instructors asks you to access OLI from a link in your school's system, you cannot access the course at, you do not have an OLI Account ID that will access your course, and you do not have a password to reset.

  1. If clicking the link to your OLI course from your school's system prompts you for an account and password, please try the following:
  • Close and reopen your browser, navigate to your school's system, click the link set up by your instructor.
  • Try a new browser or another device.

  2. If you encounter an error, please email the wording of the error (and an image/screenshot if possible) to for assistance.