If your class uses an OLI course but your teacher did not give you a course key, then you probably access your OLI course from within your school's or your company's Learning Management System, which is a website where you sign in to access all your class materials. If your instructor gave you a COURSE KEY, use these instructions instead.

School LMS access (single sign-on):

If your OLI course has a single sign-on link on your school's class-hosting LMS, just click the link. OLI automatically assigns you a new account based on your LMS profile, and registers you for the course your instructor is teaching.

  1. Click the OLI single sign-on link your instructor provided.
  2. Confirm your name and email address.
  3. Submit payment if required.
  4. Return anytime by using the same link in your class.
    NOTE: Do not create a bookmark, because it may not work if you're not signed in to your school's LMS. Single sign-on requires you to be signed in to your school's LMS for it to work.

Important: if you click the link in your LMS class and OLI asks you to sign in, the link is NOT a single sign-on link, it's just a regular hyperlink to the OLI website. Ask your instructor for the Course Key and use these instructions to create your account and use it to register in your OLI course.