NOTE: This article covers students whose instructors have shared a COURSE KEY for their OLI course. If your instructor didn't share a Course Key, you probably create your account and register for your OLI course using a Single Sign-On link in your school's Learning Management System.

OLI website account creation and course registration with a course key

  1. Visit the OLI Sign Up page and fill out all the fields.
    NOTE: If you are a Carnegie Mellon University student, use the CMU users sign in here link.

  2. Leave the I am an instructor... checkbox empty.
  3. Click SIGN UP or use the RESET button to clear the fields and start over.
  4. Confirm your account information on the next screen or click EDIT INFO.
  5. Elect to agree to allow your anonymous data being used in academic research into the effectiveness of online learning environments. If you don't want your anonymous data being used or if you're under 18 years old, disapprove of your data sharing and proceed.
  6. On your My Courses page enter the Course Key your instructor provided.
    NOTE: Be mindful of extraneous spaces preceding and trailing your Course Key. Be sure to check closely to determine if it includes the numeral 1 and the lowercase letter L, and the numeral 0 and the letter O.

  7. Confirm that you're registering for the course you expect. Sometimes instructors accidentally provide a course key for an old course, which you can usually tell by checking the Start and End dates for the course.

  8. If your course requires payment, you'll be prompted to pay before accessing your content.

  9. After a successful payment the registration process is complete and your course can be found in the blue Academic Courses column of your My Courses page.