This guide reviews only the basics of the My Courses dashboard. For more detailed questions, please contact us. The My Courses page serves as the landing homepage for instructors with links to course management tools for each of the instructor's course sections.

Unscored Assignments

Uncommon. If the course contains assessments that require manual grading of the student’s work in whole or in part, an alert appears on your homepage indicating the number of assessments waiting. Clicking this link opens the list of ungraded assignments.

Manage Course

The Manage Course page provides access to all course management tools including managing the student roster, course settings, assessment settings, teaching assistants, etc.


Direct links to the OLI Gradebooks for each course. These OLI Gradebook is also available from the Manage Course page.

Learning Dashboard

A direct link to the Learning Dashboard also available from the Manage Course page and the OLI Gradebook and OLI Syllabus.

Enter Course

Direct link to the OLI Syllabus with links to the Roster, OLI Gradebook, Unscored Activities, Scheduling functions and more. Once the course has been accessed, the link goes to the last course page accessed as a default depending on user preferences set in the user profile accessed by clicking the name in the upper right of the page when signed-in.

System Check

Opens OLI System Requirements for the course. Typically current browser configurations meet the needs to access all the course contents. Review the requirements for any exceptions or additional requirements by course.