The Manage Course page provides access to course administration of Student Grades & Reports, Course Materials, Announcements, TAs, Students, and viewing of Instructors, Duration, Course Key, Institution, and Price per Student (if any).

General Course Information

The right side of the page displays basic course information including instructor(s), course duration, Course Key, institution and price per student (if any).


Add TAs or edit their permissions. TAs must have an existing OLI Account ID to be added as TA.
Note: If the course roster is managed by LMS (integrated with an Learning Management System such as Blackboard or Canvas), then TAs access the OLI course materials through the access point set up in the LMS with no need for any separate OLI Account ID or credentials. As long as the TAs role in the LMS is set to TA or similar, OLI adds TA access in the OLI course. 


Provides numbers of students pending and enrolled. By default, Autoadmit is set to "Yes"; only if the Autoadmit setting was changed to "No" will "pending" indicate a number of students waiting for instructor approval to be added to the roster. 

Clicking "Roster ..." accesses the roster list with student name, OLI Account ID, and email address. Students may be suspended, reinstated, or admitted (from pending). Students who have accessed OLI but not processed payment for a course with a fee are not listed on the roster.
Note: Courses integrated with an LMS (Learning Management System such as Blackboard or Canvas) share the roster with the LMS. The roster cannot be managed from OLI since it must match the LMS roster. Students are only added to the OLI Roster when they access OLI from the access point set up for them from their LMS course.

Student Grades & Reports


View student grades and participation (some activities are not graded).

Unscored Activities

Uncommon. Lists student activities that require instructor input into grading. Most activities are automatically graded, but some courses include assessments or portions of assessments requiring instructor input.

Learning Dashboard

Review overall and individual participation and progress by module and learning objective.

Show Student Mastery

By default, students use the student Learning Dashboard functionality from their OLI Syllabus to see activities available for practice by module. Checking "Show Student Mastery" allows students to additionally see whether they have mastered the material based on their participation and accuracy on the practice activities.

Course Materials

Course syllabus

The OLI Syllabus lists the course content in order and displays any applicable dates, such as due dates or availability dates.

Test and Configure My System

Describes the system requirements. Typically, current browser configuration are able to access all of the OLI course content. Review the system requirements for any configuration exceptions or additions by course.

Edit Course Settings

Access to previously set course settings such as course title, duration dates, and Course Key.

Schedule Course Materials

View and modify the course schedule.

Change Assessment Options

View and modify the global assessments settings for the course. Access individual assessments to change the settings for an individual assessment.

Add Additional Content

Add content from other courses or previously removed content from the existing course. Rearrange modules.

Copy Section

For creating a copy of course section to be used in the same term but with a different roster of students.

Delete Section

Delete course sections that are no longer needed. Associated student data is permanently unavailable from deleted course sections.


Create course-wide announcements to appear at the top of the My Courses landing page for the intended audience.