After courses are built, most settings can be changed while the course is in progress. Find your course on your My Courses dashboard and click “Manage Course” and then “Edit Course Settings.” See Using the Manage Course Page (For Instructors).

The following basic functions or settings cannot be changed.

Delete Content

Content cannot be deleted from an existing OLI course. Modules can only be deleted during the initial course build in Course Builder. To make content unavailable to students, use the schedule functionality to set the available date to far in the future after the end of the course.

Moving modules from one unit to another

If you need to move modules between units, please use Advanced Mode when setting up your course with the Course Builder. After your course is built, you can rearrange units or move modules within the units where they're located, but you cannot move modules from one unit to another.

Low Stakes (Ungraded) Assessments

By default, end of module assessments, called graded assessments or quizzes or checkpoints, are High Stakes appearing in the OLI Gradebook with a grade viewable by the student and the instructor. It is possible to change a High Stakes assignment to a Low Stakes assignment in the assignment's settings either during the Course Builder or later. Once an assignment is changed from High Stakes to Low Stakes, it no longer appears in the Gradebook and a grade will not be visible to the instructor. This is NOT reversible. There is a warning notice when changing an assignment from High Stakes to Low Stakes.

Global Course Schedule

During the initial Course Builder, the schedule can be globally set to none (all content available with no dates), Just In Time (all graded assessments unavailable until made available), or scheduled with dates. Once the course is created, edits to scheduling occur at the individual assignment or Unit/Module level. So while changing an individual assignment's dates or scheduling type is possible, making a global change on all assignments can only happen during the course build.