Deleting a course permanently deletes all student records in the course: registration, work, grades and payments. No records will remain. Deleting a course cannot be undone or repaired! It is important to ensure no accidental loss of student data. Use the delete function to delete courses created for testing or never used with students. After selecting the course to delete, verify the key information of the course to ensure the correct course was selected. 

Note: To remove a course from your My Courses page without deleting the student information, please contact OLI Help.

Deleting a Course Quick Steps

Start at the Manage Course page.

1. Click Delete Section on the left menu.

2. Verify the course to be deleted.

    Note: Deleting a course and associated student records is irreversible! Be sure of the right course.

3. Type DELETE COURSE RECORDS into the text box.

4. Click DELETE!

A delete course confirmation message appears at the top of the My Courses page.