Welcome to K12 OLI!

Instructor access has been added to your K12 OLI Account ID. Here are steps to get started fast. More information is included below including how to sign up for an orientation. Please feel free to reach out with any questions - we're here to help!

1. Sign in to OLI (k12.oli.cmu.edu) and use the “Create a new course … “ link from your My Courses landing page to build a full course to review or for use with your students. 

For Review: Choose Simple Mode to build the entire set of course contents with default settings. Courses include learning objectives, expository content, and interactive components, as well as summative and formative assessments. If you only need a portion of the content, note which units or modules you want to use. Tip: Create as many course sections as you like to review the course contents and the course builder steps. There is no obligation to use the course.

For Students' Use: Choose Simple Mode for the entire set of course contents with default settings. Select Advanced Mode to re-arrange content and choose specific modules from the course. Follow the steps as indicated.


2. Choose a delivery method.

OLI supports delivery in two ways: Integrating with your institution’s current LMS (Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, etc.), or using OLI directly. LMS integration supports Single-Sign-On capabilities and can be accomplished quickly after requesting and receiving the integration credentials from OLI. Directly using OLI is also an option.
Tip: A given course can be accessed either by Single-Sign-On or directly at oli.cmu.edu, not both. Courses with students already in them cannot be linked for Single-Sign-On.


3. Get your students started.

If you have chosen to integrate OLI in your LMS, your students are automatically enrolled when they click the OLI link from your LMS - no OLI Account ID and no Course Key needed.

If you have chosen to deliver directly from the OLI website, direct students to: Start at k12.oli.cmu.edu, click Student, then enter the unique course key you selected for your course, click Register, and follow the prompts to sign in. Further access will be at k12.oli.cmu.edu upon signing in.

KNOWLEDGE BASE for INSTRUCTORS: https://olihelp.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/32000003426

OLI SUPPORT: Click the Help or Contact Us link in the upper right of any OLI web page or email directly at oli-help@cmu.edu

ORIENTATION: https://oli.cmu.edu/oli-orientation-and-adoption-webinars/

WORKSHOPS: https://oli.cmu.edu/events/

There is no charge for creating an instructor account on our system or for building a course. Several courses, including but not limited to all Statistics and Language and Logic and General Chemistry courses, may charge a modest, per-student maintenance fee. If a fee is applicable, in addition to the fee being listed on the Manage Course page once the course is created. If this fee presents a barrier to your students, please let us know.

Instructors can set up courses free of charge and have secure access to their course materials, syllabus, rosters, gradebooks, and learning dashboards. The instructors and the students access the courses using a Windows or Mac PC with internet access and a web browser. Some courses are designed to be additionally available via mobile devices.

Please let us know if you or your students need anything or have any questions!

OLI Support